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Cancer Screening & Diagnosis

John Muir Health has a team of highly experienced cancer experts whose overarching goal is to provide you with a quick and accurate diagnosis so you can move immediately into treatment.

Zeroing in on Early Detection

Experience is key to any cancer detection, and we are constantly improving our abilities to detect and understand a cancer’s complex characteristics by using the most advanced technologies available.

We keep you well-informed about what we find and what it means throughout the diagnostic phase, and use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to get a clear and comprehensive understanding of your cancer..

Your managing physician has access to a multi-disciplinary cancer case conference (tumor board) where a team of medical experts review complex cases and make treatment recommendations. 

Besides advising on regular screenings for certain cancers, John Muir Health offers genetic counseling and testing for those individuals who might have a hereditary link to certain types of cancer.

John Muir Health also participates regularly in national and international clinical trials devoted to discovering new ways in which cancer can be detected as early as possible.