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Meet Our Midwives

Our certified nurse-midwives care for pregnant women and deliver babies. All of them work within OB/GYN practices associated with John Muir Health and deliver babies at our Walnut Creek Medical Center. 

We Support Your Desire for a Low Intervention Birth Experience

We offer the following to support those desiring a low intervention birth experience:

  • Birthing balls, squat bars and peanut balls
  • Wireless, waterproof fetal monitors to allow you to roam freely
  • Private showers in your suite, which can be used during labor
  • Low intervention pain management options, such as nitrous
  • Ability to have your doula, hypnotherapist and others present

We encourage you to complete a birth preferences checklist that you share with your prenatal provider early in your pregnancy and that you continue to review at each visit. Be sure to bring a copy to the hospital when it’s time to deliver.

Keep in mind that birth is a dynamic process which can change from minute to minute. It's good to keep your birth preferences as simple as possible and to be flexible. Our top priorities are the health and well-being of you and your baby. While no one can predict exactly how your labor will evolve, you and your care provider will make decisions together about your baby's birth. In some cases, your doctor will make the final decision on the treatment based on what he/she feels will keep you and your baby the safest.