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A new way to easily check in to your appointments

Introducing Appointment Arrival, a new feature in the MyChart app on your smartphone. Appointment Arrival makes it easy to check in for your in-person doctor’s appointments from your smartphone without going to the front desk. The MyChart app alerts you on your smart phone when you’re close to our office and asks if you’re here. Once you are in your doctor's office waiting room, let us know you've arrived with the click of a button.

To use Appointment Arrival, you’ll need to have the MyChart app downloaded on your smartphone. From there, follow these instructions to enable Appointment Arrival. Please note that the following instructions are for the MyChart mobile app, and do not apply to the desktop computer version of MyChart. Appointment Arrival only works on the MyChart mobile app.

For assistance with MyChart, please call our Patient Support Center at (925) 941-2001.

How to set up Appointment Arrival in MyChart
menu button

1. Go to your MyChart mobile app home screen and tap on the Menu button.

account settings

2. Scroll down to Account Settings and tap on Account Settings.

appointment arrival

3. Scroll to Appointment Arrival and turn it on.

location settings

4. Click on the Location Settings button on the screen that comes up next.

select location

5. The app will open the MyChart settings on your smartphone. Select Location.

precise location

6. Choose Always and turn on Precise Location.

select notifications

7. Go back to the MyChart settings page and select Notifications.

allow notifications

8. Turn on Allow Notifications, and choose your preferred notification type.

turn on appointment arrival

9. Go back to your MyChart app and click the Turn on Appointment Arrival button.

allow notifications

10. From the MyChart Account Settings, toggle Notifications to on.

This completes set up. You will now receive MyChart Appointment Arrival notifications!

The John Muir Health MyChart App is powered by MyChart® licensed from Epic Systems Corporation, © 1999 – 2022.